I turned 40 a few months back…

I did. I had intended to write some really deep, inspiring blog post on the day it happened, but…the day got away from me.

Fast forward a few months…my little boy just had a birthday and has moved into double digits. That was tough. He’s my only so I don’t get another ‘turn around the bend’ ; I’ve got to soak it all up now. At any rate, my son’s birthday reminded me that I missed blogging on my 40th …it also reminded me that I’ve got something to say on the matter:

I love birthdays.

Granted that’s not a very deep statement, however it’s true. And it’s not for the reasons one might think such as cake, fav foods, lots of good drink, partying with good friends. I did all those things on my birthday and in abundance…my jeans told me that I might’ve birthday-ed it up a little much this year…you only turn 40 once. (I do love buttercream frosting)

Frankly, birthdays are a great reminder that you aren’t dead. That you are alive and regardless of your age, you’ve got to live. I see my son getting older. Wanting to go faster on his bike, watch scarier movies, talk about more adult-type stuff. It makes me sad that he doesn’t need his training wheels…but, good grief, we can’t use our training wheels forever.

This year, after having spent the last 10 years taking shots every day for treatment of MS, my dosage changed. The FDA approved my drug at a higher dose so that I only have to take it three times a week. Holy cow, was I excited. I felt like I was playing hooky on those days I didn’t have to take my shot. I have pretty bad necrosis on my arms and legs from years and years of shots, but this year…this point in time…I get a break. Without the last 10 years I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the change in my drug.

These were the thoughts on my mind this year after turning forty. Not incredibly deep or philosophical. I don’t plan on meditating every day now that I’m 40…beyond quiet time I spend in my Bible. I don’t really get the whole “make the world a better place crap for my son because now I’m older and he needs a better earth to live in.” Every day of life, regardless of health or circumstance, is a gift. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I can’t hold my breath waiting for it. In the end, life doesn’t need to be complicated… just need to keep your eyes forward and live.

…”I came so they can have REAL and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” John 10:10 (MSG)


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