A word aptly spoken…

It will forever amaze me how a short burst of encouragement…ray of sunshine, smile, note from a friend, milkshake…can change the course of the entire day. On the flip, one nasty-gram or cross remark can not only change the course of the day, but sour an entire week and before you know it you are down in the dumps; left questioning your whole existence.

My summer has gone. That’s it. It’s gone. I don’t know where or how, but somewhere between my son’s swim meets, vacation, and football practice it marched on and so did I only to find school starting in a matter of days.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend. Very unexpected and yet a total breath of fresh air. The email wasn’t some huge news, it was just from her and it was kind and it made me think. We, all of us, have an opinion (this blogger is very opinionated in case you hadn’t picked up on that). Have you ever wondered if, instead of feeling compelled to push your opinion…for fear that your voice won’t get heard and your needs won’t get met…what if you just shut your trap? I’m not proposing not piping up when some injustice is being done. Instead, I’m suggesting (to myself, mostly) what if instead of pushing and voicing our opinion we voiced encouragement to someone…even someone we don’t agree with. Would it change us? The more I push my opinion…the more I wonder if the world has had just about enough of me.

Opinions are important. Our voice is important. Encouragement…I wonder if that is more important. ..after all “a word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” There’s a saying…it’s sort of crass, so please forgive…”Opinions are like @#$holes. Everyone’s got one.” I want to be an apple of gold not a…well, you know.

I love typing in this blog. It’s a relief and allows me to get out in the open what I feel in my heart. I love the encouragement I got from my friend yesterday. I’m sure she didn’t know how encouraging it would be. That’s the challenge I’m going to take. Encourage somebody. Go out on a limb and risk looking ridiculous to say something kind. I think that’s grace.


2 thoughts on “A word aptly spoken…

  1. Amen! I love it – kindness and encouragement can only make the day better (or stay the same – but hopefully better!) Can’t hurt and it just might lead to something amazing. Thanks!

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