24 Hours. 1,440 Minutes. 86,4000 Seconds. That’s what we have in one day. Some days I feel like I didn’t get my full allotment. Other days, I feel that someone put too much time on my hands. Admittedly, the latter is very rare and I often struggle with the former…not enough time in one day. Or, the really tough part is a combination of the two. Have you ever had a day where the sequence of the days events are timed such that you have nothing to do during a set period and then, all of the sudden, are slammed with numerous items to “tick” off the list…and, of course, all of these items must be done “NOW!”? Not too dissimilar to petting a cat and then pulling it’s tail, days of down-time and then up-time, tend to make me a little on the schizophrenic side.

I’ve really been trying to let God set the pace for each day. (that was my New Year’s resolution) This action has caused me to wonder…are time and God synonymous? I’ve really no desire to launch into an esoteric, theological discussion. However, seriously. He causes the sun to rise. The day to turn to night. The waves to ebb and flow correlated to the phases of the moon. Seasons to move from winter, summer, spring and fall.

I wonder if time is His grace…a reminder to soak up each minute. His way to tenderly reveal Himself to us. (Lamenations 3:22-23. Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. NIV) His blessings…gifts…are new every morning I roll out of bed. As I march from one day to the next, those blessings continue to come and I grow more aware of whom I serve. 

I used to view “time” as the enemy; reminding me that life slips away with each changing minute. In reality, life is meant to change. Can you imagine the alternative? To be stuck in time and never change. Sounds like death.

I think “time” is a promise on so many layers. For struggles in my life, time reminds me that I will move forward from this point. Time/God’s grace, forces me to slow down during struggles and not rush His healing process. My tendency is to push through tough times in my life so that I can be “done with it” and move on. If you consider that His blessings are new each and every day…that would mean on those days where struggles happen, He is still pouring blessings out just for me. I should not rush through difficult times as I might miss what He is giving me.

Although Moses is replete throughout the the first five books of the Bible, I love that he got one chapter in the book of Psalms. I love further that his Psalm asks God to ” teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Here was a man who, after spending 40 years getting sand in all crevices of his body, knew well the value of “time.”

Time is God’s gift to us. It is His way of revealing who He is. His means to slow us down and provide compassion in the most difficult of times. It is the process He uses to show us His grace and mercy.


One thought on “Time

  1. Good reminder! Isn’t it funny that even though we’ve measured and divided time into equal parts, it still seems to either rush or stand still? Maybe that’s because I’m either rushing or standing still…

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