I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that we’ve recently moved & yesterday I received the most disheartening news. One of the students at my son’s former elementary school was killed by his mom. It has made national news and perhaps you’ve read about it. The young boy’s mother, in a very sick and twisted manner, made her son get on his knees and pray and then proceeded to stab him to death. Not just once or twice but dozens of times. After taking the knife and killing her son, she then killed the 5 year old little girl she was babysitting. According to the State’s attorney, the woman committed these acts as a way to hurt her husband in the way she felt hurt in their relationship.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about this and have mulled it over in mind for the last 24 hours. I am sure I passed this woman several times at the school yard at either “drop-off” or “pick-up” and never knew her. I am sure that I’ve seen her son playing in the school yard during the frenzied activities of picking my son up from school that was common at our little, neighborhood school. This little guy had his entire life ahead of him…he was 7. My heart is broken and aches for the mother of the 5 year old little girl that was a product of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why? That is all I can think. Why?

I’ve made no mystery throughout this blog that I am a God-Follower. With that said, is God in this? Why didn’t He stop it? It makes me angry that this happened. Was God sleeping? I think our society is desperate to remove and reason God out of everything. Has anyone ever wondered why, if we are desperate to remove God, do we get mad at Him when things go so horribly wrong?

I don’t want God to leave. I want my heart to break for what breaks His heart. I want to reach out and touch the ones who, like this mother that killed her son, need to know there is a God…a real God…a Father who cares. Maybe if this mother had connected with others that showed her Godly love, this wouldn’t have happened? I guess we’ll never know. We’ll never know how this little 7 year old boy could have possibly changed the world. We’ll never know what he wore to prom, if he hated high school math, the name of his alma mater or the first car he drove. During one insidious event, that time was taken away.

I certainly don’t think we have it within ourselves to single handily change the course of this world. We are not God. However, I believe we can choose to be an extension of the hands and feet of Jesus. I believe we can choose to slow down and live in the moment the Lord has put us in and see others who might need Christ in us. I want my heart to be sensitive and broken to what breaks God’s heart. I want to be motivated to love like Jesus. Unconditionally and without judgement. I don’t want my agenda, politics or frustrations of the day to get in the way of who God has put into my path.

My heart and prayers go out to all the family and loved-ones involved in this tragic event. I hope your heart is also broken, as mine was, at the news of what took place. Take time this evening to hold close the ones you love. Slow down and listen to whomever is in your path. You never know how their heart might be breaking…and they may just need you to listen and love on them. 




2 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. Hiya
    Firstly, thanks for swinging by my blog and deciding to follow me – truly blessed by that .

    For me, God is absolutely in everything & aware of everything, so no matter how we might like to sometimes, I don’t think it’s right to ever say that He isn’t or wasn’t or somehow just sat back & let a dreadful event like this happen without caring. Scripture teaches us that He grieves over the actions of mankind and ultimately no generation is without those who’ve committed horrendous acts against children which God hasn’t stepped in to prevent (think of those who were sacrificing their kids to Molech; Leviticus 20: 2-5) but He makes it clear that this is absolutely not His Will for them and He will judge those who commit such acts with a heavy judgement.

    Mankind for the most part has indeed chosen to turn its back on God, chosen death over life in many instances (through addictions, alcohol etc), and also removed God’s presence and teaching from school rooms and education which is where most people gain their first grounding in society and learn how to behave in life, as well as learn how to respect others. Sadly since discipline was changed to become a more gentle concept (than the previous spanking) children have become more manipulative and dangerous to the point of requiring medication to control them, which causes yet further issues in many, often actually provoking violence.

    In fact, I think too many of us have been medicated rather than taught how to cope with life’s difficult issues and that this may be at the root of many such similar crimes throughout the country, and I honestly don’t see that situation improving in the near future, since God has already shown us that the end days will be dreadfully dark indeed.

    So, while such acts as these are unbelievably dreadful and absolutely hard to comprehend, I do know that God’s heart breaks too when children in particular are targeted by violence in any form, and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps in the heat of any attack on them that He does maybe step in to shield them mentally at least from the attack. I appreciate that’s not a view many would hold, & perhaps it’s purely wishful thinking, but I believe He’s absolutely there in the worst moments of all of our lives as the 23rd Psalm indicates so wonderfully.

    He is “an ever present help in times of trouble” and “a refuge from the storm”, and we can all know His presence in our own difficult times of need.

    Many blessings

    • Ha Tikvah…love, love your feedback. Agreed. God was absolutely there…I suspect to a deeper extent than we may know or comprehend while we are presently on this earth. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this topic.

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