Mr. Know-It-All

My husband has many hobbies. One of his favorite is golfing. He golfed on his high school golf team. For that matter, just prior to entering college, he won a tournament that awarded him the position to caddie for Lee Trevino. So, I guess this means he’s a decent golfer.

When he and I were dating. He told me that golfing was a favorite pastime of his. I explained that I had golfed only just a handful of times and wasn’t too bad myself. (subtle truth) Without missing a beat, he then looked at me with utter confidence and goes, ” You know, you would be lucky to have someone like me teach you how to play golf.” Right then and there I should’ve known what I was getting myself into. It wasn’t so much the confidence he had in his own skill; it was the confidence in which he made the statement.

I have since come to understand that I am blessed to be married to a man who has an answer to everything and confident that he knows what he is talking about. In turn, he has told me that I’m lucky to have access to such a wealth of information. (tongue firmly in cheek) He has tried to teach me his tricks; some of which were passed down to him from his dad. ( My father-in-law is equally as talented in this department.) For example, when someone asks a question and you aren’t really sure of the answer, just make it up. However you have to say it with confidence or the other party will know you are blowing smoke. I have recently noticed my son exhibiting the same family trait. Just a few weeks ago as we were out and about, I noticed the bark on several of our local trees was gone. Finding this odd & thinking out loud, I asked the question, “I wonder what’s happening to the bark on those trees?” True to form, my husband announces its some sort of bark-eating squirrel. What?!? I look over at him incredulously only then to hear my sons voice go, “Yeah mom, the squirrels have big chompers.”

Let’s switch gears and let me show you how this character trait has become so dear to me…

In this last year I have faced a great deal of difficulty in managing and diagnosing new struggles with my MS. Much of this has centered around pain management. You must understand that battling chronic pain can be a most discouraging and frustrating experience. It is very easy to loose sight of any kind of hope as the pain is so persistent. It has been through this struggle that I’ve come to rely on my husbands confident attitude. He has marched me down to doctor’s offices and sat with me through consultations when I didn’t have the focus to do it myself.

I have seen this type of confidence at other times in our marriage. Perhaps the most vivid example I can think of was the night before he was laid off from a previous job. ( He is the sole bread winner) We were up late as he saw the lay off as eminent and we were trying to come up with our action plan. (He and I are both type A control freaks) Weighing all the options and worrying over the fear of no income, no health insurance and bills that would have to be paid, my husband stopped the discussion and made a statement I will never forget as long as I live. “I’ve decided to show the Lord just a little bit of faith.”…that’s what he said. In that moment he made a decision and stated it with all the confidence I’ve come to expect from him. That night no resumes were sent out, no frantic emails were sent to recruiters…there was just resolve. Resolve to be faithful.

We were unemployed for only three months. It would take pages and pages of blogs to tell you all the ways the Lord has blessed us since that night. Faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains…that’s what Jesus said. I’ve seen that happen & in ways my imagination couldn’t fathom. I’ve seen doors shut in our lives with the eminent fear of financial devastation only to have the Lord open up something else…something better. We have struggled through problems and exhausted options only to see the Lord perform the impossible. Confidence in God (AKA Faith) is a funny thing. Kind of like putting the cart before the horse. Rather than seeing is believing; believing is seeing. Also, just because you have faith in God doesn’t mean you get what you want. But you will see Him. You have to be willing (faithful) to look for Him.

Although I love giving my husband a hard time about his “wealth of knowledge”, I’ve also come to greatly respect…no…greatly rely upon his confident attitude. I’ve seen the Lord carve out a leader in him & I am most grateful. We are a marriage with plenty of problems; just like everybody else. Grace has helped me to see traits in my husband that I otherwise found frustrating. I see Jesus in my husband & it is sweet.


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