Summertime: Top 10

Ahhh…the aging process. I just love growing older. Gray hair. Aches and pains in places that used to never ache or pain. Changes in appetite…changes in metabolism. All through college and high school, I used to never exercise and if I did it was sporadic. Now, exercise has become a necessity. (Although, admittedly, I’m taking this week off.)

Age has also sent my vision to the dogs. I hate wearing glasses and recently purchased contacts. It took an hour to put the dumb things in when I first brought them home. That was a month ago and just yesterday I decided to try and put them in again. I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so hard this go around…and also, my husband has been on my case saying that if I don’t keep trying to practice putting them in, it’ll never get any easier. **sigh** Out came the contacts case. Out came the contact solution. One hour later…success. (Here’s hoping I can pull it together in 45 minutes during todays contact session.)

My contact woes aside, this aging thing got me to thinking. What is the biggest change I’ve noticed in myself since growing older? Putting some thought to this, I’ve got to admit that it isn’t really my hair going gray or even my declining metabolic rate…it’s summertime. Well, my activities during the summertime. When I was a kid I loved the summer. My brothers and I would stay up late and get to sleep in the next morning. There was no school, tests, or quizzes. The days were longer and the nights were warm. We would ride bikes, play hide and seek, catch lightning bugs, eat ice cream outside, play in the sprinkler & get sunburned. (I don’t think my mother ever used sunscreen…come to think of it, I don’t think any mother did.) Nowadays, I feel it’s so freaking hot and humid when I go outside that I can’t wait for my next “fix” of air conditioning. I cringe each time I have to get in or out of my car because I will (a) have to endure the inferno heat that has built up in my car and (b) have to peel my skin off the leather seats when I get up to leave.

I don’t ever remember being such a curmudgeon when I was a kid during the summer. With that being said, and since this blog is all about finding grace…Gods grace, I’ve decided to, rather than give you my top 10 gripes, give you my top 10 favorite things I’ve enjoyed about this summer: (PS-if you have a school-aged child who is counting down how many weeks he or she has left to school, you would know that we are down to the last 4 or 5 weeks of the summer. That being said, this list might be incomplete as there is a little bit more summer left to live. I apologize in advance.)

1. Flag football camp…3 hours of peace all to myself for one week.
2. My nephew and I cheering on my niece while she, the only girl on the bumper car track, proceeds to ramrod all the little boys with her bumper car.
3. Going to a baseball game with my son and husband. I sat and watched the whole game while my son and husband spent most of it roaming the stadium in search of new goodies to eat. (In their defense, we had never been to this stadium before and, as everyone knows, it’s important…critical actually, to know where the good eats are.)
4. Watching my son master the front crawl and back stroke.
5. Seeing my mother passed out from exhaustion on the bed, snoring like a lumber jack, while my son, who is so excited she came to visit, is playing quietly on the floor next to her bed because he just didn’t want to be away from her.
6. Great books. (If you haven’t yet read it, definitely read: ‘The Nazi Officers Wife’ as well as ‘Rose: My Life in Service to Lady Astor.’ Also, I’m currently reading ‘The Disappearing Spoon’…abut the people who discovered the various elements on the periodic table…proof that there is most certainly a fine line between intelligent and down right nuts.)
7. Cheesecake…where I live, I have found some of the most heavenly cheesecake I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.
8. Tagging along in the golf cart and watching my son and husband play a few holes.
9. As I’ve mentioned in some previous blogs, we’ve recently moved. This has presented the opportunity to meet new wildlife. Including the cutest, little green lizard I see each morning. My son has named him Leo Bob Jr. …yeah, I don’t know how he came up with it either.
And the top 10 thing I’ve thus far loved the most about this summer…
10. Singing and dancing to Copacabana in my car (along with Barry Manilow) and completely embarrassing my son.

Happy Summer!
PS: Here is a picture of Leo Bob, Jr.



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