There Are Only So Many Hours in the Day

I am a routine freak. It’s sort of sad actually. I am so geared to my routine that any deviation and I go into an all out grump. Much of it comes from how I was raised. My dad was a strict disciplinarian. Get up at early, quiet time, exercise, work, lunch, work, snack, dinner, tv, bed. Productivity & good grades = a pat on the back…a job well done. The only problem is that it’s easy to begin measuring your self worth based on your productivity. Almost as if getting that “Job well done” is a drug you’ve got to get in order to “be ok.”

This was greatly propelled as I moved into my adult years and became a consultant. I worked endless hours. My job was my god & I was good at it. The professional world came very naturally to me. This came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with MS. ( I have many times thought that MS was Gods blessing to me. We’ll talk about that in later blogs) Its kind of funny how when your idol of what you work so hard towards is removed, you feel naked. Like a slob. Un-important. No value. Less than…not really less than any one thing in particular. Just …less than.

After being diagnosed & having my son, I became a full-time homemaker. Talk about trying to find your sea legs. I was awkward to say the least. The only thing that was familiar to me was routine. So, I went about developing my own stay-at-home routine. Laundry done by 10am. Workout. Park, lunch…and so on and so forth. In my focus to stick to the routine, I missed out on the joy. Walnut tree in the back yard. Baking cookies with my son. Playing cards with my husband.

Although a routine is important to develop it is not meant to be worshipped. Checking off things on the checklist doesn’t make you more valuable. Its just stuff. If you find God pulling you away from the routine, let yourself be carried. Relax in the rhythm He is setting & don’t fight it. No need to kill yourself just to get that routine completed by the time your head hits the pillow. Remember, there are only so many hours in the day & you can only do what He has on your list for today. By the way, I have found, if you don’t get it done today, not to worry, the earth does manage to keep spinning…oddly enough 🙂


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