I Wish I were Smarter

Do you ever wish you were smarter? I do … All the time. I am the oldest with two younger brothers. My middle brother is a doctor. He’s one of those people who can do math equations in his head as if he’s eating a bowl of ice cream. Effortlessly. Man I wish I were like that. On rare occasions people have asked me to do quick math computations in my head. Seriously?!? I need some paper and pencil with a good eraser…a calculator would be even better.

I remember once, in the fourth grade, one of our spelling words was “school.” Our teacher joked that it was the one word everyone in the class should be guaranteed to get right. Guess who got it wrong…yep.

For anyone who may be following this blog…did you notice I spelled “breathes” wrong? Don’t get me wrong…breathes is a word. But, what I had intended to name this blog was “Deep Breaths” …no wonder WordPress said my requested blog name was available on the first try. The intelligent person who knows the correct context of the word “breaths” already is using that blog name.

I am so glad God made me who I am. I am not the brain whiz who effortlessly floated through school. I had to work…hard. I am simple. And in this simpleness, I am brought to humility and reminded…no, grateful…that when people hear or see me, they see Him. Thank you God that you are the distinguishing mark that sets me apart.

For this reason, this little blog will remain…”Deep Breathes”…a sweet reminder that I am His.


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