Just Happy 2B Here…

I have thought so long about writing a blog. Tonight just seemed like a good nite as I am up due to pain I am struggling with as a result of my MS. I was diagnosed 8 years ago…wow, has it really been that long?!?

I am a Christian. Actually, I was born into a Christian family. My dad was a pastor. I grew up with all the things you had to DO and not DO in order for God to like you. I spent most of my childhood and all college trying that out. It didn’t really work. So, I decided this “God thing” just wasn’t for me. I mean, I never met God and my dad had had several affairs and was leaving my mom for his most recent flame. So, yeah, God was the furthest thing from my mind.

That changed after I was diagnosed with MS. (we can talk about being diagnosed in a different blog…let’s just stick with this topic). Three months after being diagnosed, I became pregnant. I had horrible morning sickness. ( whoever came up with the name morning sickness is just stupid…you’re sick all the time!)I would get up early in the morning and didn’t have anything to do, so I started reading my Bible…I started in Genesis. Starting a book at the beginning always seems like a good idea. Here is where my journey began. All those years I spent as a kid and teen going to church. Being “good”. I’d never ever read the Bible from cover to cover. The one book that I prophesssed to live by, was the one book I had never completely read. Yeah, I’d read quite a bit of the new testament, but the old? Come on, it’s a bunch of disgruntled people with a whole lot of rules that just don’t make any sense to me.

Can I just say…I was wrong. (I’ll get more into that in later blogs)I have experienced new life…breathe blown right into my lungs. I am not sure anyone will join me and read this blog, however, I know this much, I can no longer hold in all that Ive seen my Father do. I’ve got to share it with you.

I am just a girl…a handicap girl at that. I am also a wife and a mom. But Jesus is in me & that is what makes me special. I am learning how to slow down and see Him…grace. I am learnng to breath in His rhythm. I hope you can join me.


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